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What is Kidzania?

KidZania is an activity-packed 1,600 square meters indoor kids play area incorporating soft play, trampoline park and arcades, providing endless entertainment and a day out your children will never forget.

What are the opening times for Kidzania?

Kidzania opens at 9:00am daily and closes at 9:00pm daily.
Kidzania is also closed daily from 2:00pm to 3:00pm for sanitisation purposes. At closing time, all persons must exit the play area.

Can adults enter Kidzania alone?

No, adults must accompany at least one child.

How long can my children stay inside Kidzania?

They can stay for as long as they like until closing time. 

Kidzania is closed daily from 2:00pm to 3:00pm for sanitisation purposes. 

Can adults enter the activity areas?

The equipment is designed for children and it is therefore advisable for adults not to enter the activity areas unless it is a must they accompany their child(ren). There is a coffee shop where adults can relax while their child is doing the activities as well as ample seating throughout the play area.

What ages are allowed inside?

Everyone from babies to senior citizens can visit Kidzania, but most activities are suited to children aged 4-16. All children must enter the play area with an adult.

Can parties be held in Kidzania?

Yes, we have a party room that can be hired out for the most memorable birthday ever.

Do you have baby changing and washroom facilities on site?

Yes, we have both baby changing and washroom facilities in the play area.

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